I’m ba-ack!

3 11 2012

After nearly a year, here I am again. (Do I really need to state the obvious?) (not like I had legions of faithful readers, anyway. Hi dad!)

After witnessing a friend make absolutely remarkable changes to her lifestyle (major diet overhaul and adding exercise) over the last few months, I’m somewhat re-inspired. I say somewhat versus a more definite declaration because that’s never really worked for me. What I do know is that I’m paying more attention to what and when I eat (focusing on whole foods) (lots of veggies, limited dairy, wheat and sugar) and am moving more. In a similar yet different tune, I’m more interested in moving and being active than having specific workouts. Although this seems obvious, I’ve struggled to separate this from what I felt I was suppose to do(3-5x a week at the gym, 30 mins of cardio, 30 mins of weights, regular cycle/Zumba/yoga/any class, you get the idea. I needed a prescribed something versus being satisfied with going for a stroll or strenuous-but-beautiful hike.)

Lets see how this goes, shall we? No declaration of losing x number of pounds, being size y.  No marathon in my future. Just eating in a way that feels good to my body and moving because its fun, it gets me somewhere or it feels good.


Church blogging?

13 11 2011

At mass today in his homily, Fr. John challenged parishioners to make a note of something from mass that Makes Them a Better Person.
As I’ve been relearning my faith as an adult, I’ve been finding new ways that God speaks to me and challenges me. Can’t promise I’ll actually do this every week, but I love the idea of finding ways the liturgy speaks to my everyday life.
Most blogging will be done from my phone, if that’s something you find interesting.

Update 11/3/12:shortly after writing this my computer got a virus and I realized the in-the-moment writing I planned to do from my phone at church was intrusive. Although I’m basically taking notes during mass, thus deepening my experience, it just was to weird (or I was self conscious of what others would think) tapping away on my phone during mass. I have a few drafts that were jotted down and meant to be revised later before I became disenchanted with the whole blogging thing.

Wanna “support” me?

13 08 2011

I’m laughing so hard at myself right now. Seriously, I’m a dork.
If you love me (the two people who read this do!) you can LITERALLY support me by getting one of these for me! (psst – my birthday is in 6 weeks)

I’m also looking to upgrade the rest of my workout wardrobe from faded, cheap when I got them years ago, pants and Old Navy t-shirts. It would be nice if a pair of pants had enough structure/support to stay up without the waistband being so tight it makes an extra roll around my middle. Really, that’s what I wear. They suck. It’s hard to find good athletic clothes in my size, and the ones I do find are pricy!

Back on the workout wagon

13 08 2011

I’m back in the gym! I finally admitted to myself that I was doing a terrible job finding “alternative” workouts outside the gym. Yes, I ran for a bit (Couch to 5k program. It was ok, but since it was just cardio, my weight stayed the same and I gained 4% body fat in 2 months). There were also months of 3x weekly yoga plus some sporadic Zumba. But nothing feels like being in the gym.
It’s only been a week, but I’ve gone three times and completed a strength routine and 20 mins of cardio each day. Lifting weights is always when I’ve felt best, I wish it didn’t take so long to remember that! I’m following the guide in this book and social networking with people here.  I was pretty sore after the first couple days, but then remembered tricks like eating a banana post workout (potassium) and taking BCAAs (help muscles recover and reduce soreness). And of course, lots of water. I’m no where close to where I was last summer but I know I can get there again. Well, maybe not quite there, but strong, anyway! I don’t think I ever posted this video – I wanted to “deadlift more than I weighed” for some reason. The way Jeron had me working out made for quick strength gains. There was (mostly joking) talk of training to be a powerlifter. I still think that would be awesome.


Is this a meal?

28 06 2011

Does fried eggs over salad greens with a side of cucumber count as a meal? I think my Paleo friends would say so. It was surprisingly good! I’ve been eating lots and lots of veggies lately. I kind of love it…. Similar to how I kind of love running. I know it’s really good for me and most of the time I enjoy it and it makes me feel good. But sometimes I absolutely abhor the act and and even idea of doing it. I didn’t notice feeling better physically right away, but now when I have processed, fried or sugary foods my body revolts. Like need to lie down, painful cramps/gas, think I might have stomach flu kind of awful. Then I eat a meal like the one pictured below and, voila! All is better. Amazing. Can I also say that when your, ahem, ‘plumbing’ is in working order, everything seems to feel better physically? Some of the uber healthy types say a bowel movement after every meal is ideal.

Yay for veggies! Multiple times a day!


Personal Produce Challenge (PPC)

22 05 2011

I was super frustrated to not participate in the C25K challenge because I’d signed up for a partner through another blog and we were suppose to be emailing each other supportive things all week. Although I could encourage her, it felt lame to not be participating. I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and realized that even though I couldn’t participate just yet, I still have complete control over what goes into my body. This realization came as I was walking into Costco so… that was dangerous.

I’d gotten into the habit of buying bags of snap peas and cherry tomatoes at Costco each week or so and keeping containers of them with me all the time to snack on. It was pretty easy to do, and I was all excited by the produce explosion that happens in the spring. I bought grapes, tomatoes, strawberries, snap peas, and spinach (all in Costco-sized containers) with the intent to eat it all before it went bad. I didn’t completely succeed (should have eaten the strawberries all at the beginning, I forgot how quickly they go bad) but I ate everything else! It was fun to plan every meal and include fruit salad or veggies. I haven’t re-bought the same amount of produce, but I’m still making an effort to get in several servings each day. It doesn’t always happen, but I can feel a difference when I do and I like it.

This probably doesn’t sound like that big of a deal so some, but as a person who would regularly buy produce just to have it go bad and then not buy much for a long time, fearing it would go bad before I ate it, this is a big change.

Disguised Blessing?

22 05 2011

Here is post #3, (only a few weeks old) of posts that have been sitting in draft form and I never finished for various reasons, but still feel they are important to share.

I was suppose to start a Couch to 5K program this week (C25K) but the day I planned to go for my first run, I fell off ONE stair and seriously twisted my foot. It was right at the beginning of a packed work day, so I hobbled around and elevated it as I could (which it wasn’t really convenient) and didn’t get ice on it until 9 or so hours later. I’m 100% sure this is related to the super intense pain when I actually did elevate and ice. I couldn’t put weight on it AT ALL and even found myself crawling around my apartment because even hopping caused so much jostling to the injured foot it hurt. I was a little worried those first 24 hours, but it got a lot better within a week.

This small injury did provide me with some self reflection, however. As I was planning each move, doing as many tasks as efficiently as possible, I realized how many things I procrastinate thinking I’ll come back to it later. Like the sweater hanging from my shower rod (to eliminate wrinkles) had been there a couple days… to bigger things, such as writing on this blog. I really wanted this blog to be a chronicle of my life, of which a large part is my weightloss/healthiness journey. I don’t mean to reduce my entire being to my desire to lose weight, but as I struggle to figure out what kind of lifestyle changes are sustainable and make a positive difference, all the experiences in the rest of my life are related.

To my mom: go for it, comment away if you want. I was worried before about being “outed” or discovered on the internet because I wasn’t ready to share information about being overweight with the world. I’ve realized now that this is just a part of who I am, and something I am ok with people knowing. It’s not exactly a surprise if you’ve met me in person, and I would rather have the support than hide behind a totally anonymous blog.