Apparently I like running

19 09 2010
yay for me

Post-run glow!

I’ve been talking about running for a few years now.  I’ve even tried a few times to make myself into a “runner.”

After the Dash last week, I realized that running a couple miles now and then on a treadmill isn’t all I want from running.  After my workout Wednesday, I spontaneously ran to the nearby park and back (estimate – 1 mile).  It felt great, and fairly easy.  So this Friday, I did the same thing!  (even though my workout was brutal – major circuits including 100 pushups, 100 kettelbell swings, tire jumping, mountain climbers and my first go at boxing).  Somehow, I had some ‘juice’ left and took off (even though it was drizzling.)

I made sure to check the clock this time before leaving the gym, I was curious. And curiosity paid off! It took me less than 14 minutes to run to the park and back!  I wonder if when on the treadmill, I spend too much energy watching time, thinking about intervals, not pushing myself for fear of “wasting” energy that I’ve over analyzed simple running. (I’m actually pretty sure that’s the case. I’ve very good at over analyzing).

A friend gave me the book Running for Mortals and although I’ve just started it, I already appreciate that bonafide runners (that is, those who run marathons, are capable of running several miles without stopping) consider what I do (that is, running, walking, jogging, walking some more) as running.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be at that level, but I know that running feels good (most of the time) and it’s easy.  So much easier this time around.  Why? I’m not sure.  Probably due to my mindset.  Instead of thinking it was going to hurt, being preoccupied with every ache and pain afterwards, I just run.

I’ve asked for these kick ass shoes for my birthday (if they don’t come, I’ll actually be able to use my grown-up income to buy them!) I know several people who wear these and swear by them.  Barefoot running is suppose to feel completely different (which it probably does) and amazing.  Over time, leg muscles learn to work together differently to stabilize and make use of the anatomy of your foot.  I (probably have some grandiose thinking here) believe that thanks to years of ballet, my feet will be strong and my body will adjust to these shoes quickly.  Even if they don’t, I’m excited for the challenge and experience.


Texting Revelations

14 09 2010

*If I figure out how, I just might have to send these thoughts right from my phone

What follows are excerpts from text and instant message conversations I had today on my phone.  They are not super profound, but are a decent representation  of my thoughts today. I’ve been thinking A LOT the last few days, and once I can make sentences from those thoughts, I will share as well.

ps – ran a race this week! that will be another post


me @ 3:51pm: My legs are more sore than yesterday.  Guess my body really isn’t acclimated to running.  I half hate it and half want to try harder to become ‘a runner”

friends’ reply: I admire your drive.  might as well keep moving with the momentum.

me: I’ve been thinking a lot about this body business the last couple days… but it’s mostly just thoughts, no conclusions yet.  Support really helps! thanks!

-This is from one of my amazing friends who showed up to cheer me on at the Warrior Dash this weekend.  I didn’t expect so much support from friends (expected more from family) but they have been amazing!


Sister @12:43 pm: How’s the weight/workout stuff coming?

Me: Ugh. It’s not easy.  If it were 10 lbs or even 20…  But knowing I’m going to have to work at it every single day for a year or more… It’s overwhelming sometimes.

Sister: ya for sure.  That’s good your sticking with it though!

Me: well, I keep thinking I could spend several more years frustrated and unhappy, or spend a year or two making a change.  Seems like less of a time commitment then!

Sister: Exactly! And that way it will stick too

Me: Exactly.  And no quick fixes ever stick, so this slow and steady is the way to go

Sister: I completely agree! (insert fancy thumbs up sign I don’t know how to make)

Kicking Ass

3 09 2010

The workout I did today was just… insane.  I can’t believe how long it went on! It was designed to be  go-to-failure conditioning. There were 4 exercises and each round added 5 reps.  First round: 20 kettlebell swings (see video below if you don’t know what that is), 10 dumbbell shoulder presses (each arm), 20 squats (holding the dumbbell or kettlebell) and 10 pushups.  No rest between exercises.

We (the two guys I was working out with and me) went SEVEN rounds.  Two more than Mr. Trainer expected, 2-3 more than other groups (!). Not only is the circuit difficult, adding 5 reps to each exercise each round is torturous. So at the end, we’d done 245 swings, 175 shoulder presses, 245 squats and 175 pushups (the final round was 50 and 40 reps, which is crazy itself).  This took us 1 1/2 hours!

I’m so damn proud of myself (and I have a lot of free time, what with the unemployment and all) that I made this (very low quality) graphic:

Well, that’s a fun surprise!

1 09 2010

I ran 3 miles in 48 minutes today!!!!! That’s a 16-minute mile (not exactly fast) which is pretty darn good, I feel.  That 48 minutes includes a 5 minute warm up, so I guess it was actually at little faster. This is better than I expected, even though I’ve been working out so much.  Better, I think, because it didn’t seem that hard.  I’m pretty confident I can cut a couple minutes off that time if I’m more conscious of it the whole run.  I’ll let you know!

I say “run” but it was run-walk the whole time.  1 minute back and forth, 2 minutes back and forth, whatever felt right.  When I tried to make myself a runner a couple years ago (which lasted about 4 months) I don’t think I broke a 15 minute mile.  And I was at least 15 pounds less then, and it started out as WAY more walking… like 21-minute mile.

I think, for my size, this is quite amazing.  Imagine how much more effort it is to move this body that far.

In other “well, that’s a fun surprise!” news, I can button an old pair of pants! Can’t quite wear them yet (still tight) but I was pleasantly surprised that they buttoned so easily.