Church blogging?

13 11 2011

At mass today in his homily, Fr. John challenged parishioners to make a note of something from mass that Makes Them a Better Person.
As I’ve been relearning my faith as an adult, I’ve been finding new ways that God speaks to me and challenges me. Can’t promise I’ll actually do this every week, but I love the idea of finding ways the liturgy speaks to my everyday life.
Most blogging will be done from my phone, if that’s something you find interesting.

Update 11/3/12:shortly after writing this my computer got a virus and I realized the in-the-moment writing I planned to do from my phone at church was intrusive. Although I’m basically taking notes during mass, thus deepening my experience, it just was to weird (or I was self conscious of what others would think) tapping away on my phone during mass. I have a few drafts that were jotted down and meant to be revised later before I became disenchanted with the whole blogging thing.