I’m ba-ack!

3 11 2012

After nearly a year, here I am again. (Do I really need to state the obvious?) (not like I had legions of faithful readers, anyway. Hi dad!)

After witnessing a friend make absolutely remarkable changes to her lifestyle (major diet overhaul and adding exercise) over the last few months, I’m somewhat re-inspired. I say somewhat versus a more definite declaration because that’s never really worked for me. What I do know is that I’m paying more attention to what and when I eat (focusing on whole foods) (lots of veggies, limited dairy, wheat and sugar) and am moving more. In a similar yet different tune, I’m more interested in moving and being active than having specific workouts. Although this seems obvious, I’ve struggled to separate this from what I felt I was suppose to do(3-5x a week at the gym, 30 mins of cardio, 30 mins of weights, regular cycle/Zumba/yoga/any class, you get the idea. I needed a prescribed something versus being satisfied with going for a stroll or strenuous-but-beautiful hike.)

Lets see how this goes, shall we? No declaration of losing x number of pounds, being size y.  No marathon in my future. Just eating in a way that feels good to my body and moving because its fun, it gets me somewhere or it feels good.




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