I did it!

22 05 2011

Here is post #2 of posts that have been sitting in draft form and I never finished for various reasons, but still feel they are important to share.

I went to happy hour/dinner with some friends and made good food choices!

I had a grilled chicken sandwich, substituted side salad for fries, got the vinaigrette dressing AND took home half of the sandwich for later! I did have two glasses of wine, but we where there for 2.5 hours and I also had at least a quart of water. (oh, and 4 tots from my friends’ plate. More than nothing, yes, but way less than ordering them myself. Or eating all of hers, feigning ignorance for my poor etiquette.)

I realize these aren’t the most perfect choices in all the world, but they were just right for me. I continue to struggle with making good choices and not going overboard one way or the other. In the past, I would have gotten a dressing-free salad and had water, been pissed all night as I watched my friends enjoy much more delicious things, gotten myself into a downward spiral of hate-thoughts, and stopped at McD’s or something equally gross on the way home as a way to “execute my control over what I put in my body” when really, it’s waaay worse than anything I might have wanted at the restaurant. Or swap the binge, and had a cheeseburger, fries and 2 or more high calorie beers then been pissed at myself and thrown up or just said hateful things to myself all night/the next day/several days after. I’ve never been very good at being in the middle.  Update: not sure why I was waiting on this one. I think I started to talk about some of the deeper issues and I wasn’t ready to write about them fully. Too bad, I’m going to do it now. No sense putting it off longer.



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