Taco Salad

29 08 2010

It seems like I’m eat SO DAMN MUCH.

I eat every 2-3 hours I’m awake, 6 meals a day. My plan (at the moment) is 4 meals, 25g protein/25g carbs, then more two meals 25g protein.  Unlimited green veggies.  Since the plan is pretty simple, I’ve been able to fit in some meals that night not seem like they should – behold, taco salad!!!!!!

taco salad

it's huge!

I browned 1.25 lbs of turkey with a packet of taco seasoning, mixed in some refried beans, and had the nutirional base of my salad! (yes, I could use black beans, probably healthier, but geez, I’m eating non-processed, whole foods all day long! It’s nice to have a little fat free beans mixed in)

There is 2-3 cups romain lettuce, meat and beans, some shredded cheese, fat free sour cream and salsa in this salad.  Delicious! Maybe slightly more fat than desired, but considering my meals the rest of the day, this is just fine! (I’m also learning  that fat bad. It’s hard.) (Also splurged and got a salad spinner! I must be getting older if such a simple device brings such joy… but it’s WAY cheaper to buy  real lettuce (especially 6 heads of romain at costco for $2.99) instead of the bagged stuff.) (It’s been fun in my kitchen this week.)

This is one of the few meals that I use my dinner-size plates for.  (there are plenty of American dinner-size vs. salad-size plate discussions if you care to google them)  I made enough for 6 meals, and each one seems so big! My body and stomach have become accustomed to eating smaller meals, so this is a lot to shove in.  Luckily, shoving in lots of lettuce is a different feeling than shoving in a burger and fries.



28 08 2010

(this should be dated 8-11-10 (I was just too pissed/annoyed to post anything for a while))*

I had my twice monthly measurements and found out I’d GAINED 2% body fat in two weeks.  I was pissed.

And confused.

I’d been working out and following my meal plan, 95% of the time.  It was obvious I was upset, my trainer asked me what was different in the past couple weeks.  Not much, it seemed.  I’d succumbed to my sugar craving a few times, but was really surprised that a few handfuls of Peanut M&Ms could make such a huge difference.  I’d guessed they were 100-150 calories, which is barely enough to make a diference (calorie-wise, at least).  Then he asked the important question – “WHEN?” Well, I usually fight my craving all day until I’m tired and give up… right before I go to bed! He didn’t need to spell it out for me – I was drastically upping my blood sugar and then lying down, giving my body all kinds of immediate energy with nothing to do. Which is when it gets stored as fat.  (this is part of the reason alcohol is so detrimental – lots of sugar at nighttime) (I’m learning that although calories are important, they are just one part of the puzzle. The fuel my body uses (and doesn’t use) is much more important – fats, protein and carbs, and when to consume these for my body to be most efficient)*

But I was still curious.  2% body fat is significant, and although I’d screwed up with the sugar, it still didn’t seem to add up.  Here is where I’m thankful it took me two weeks to finish this post – it didn’t occur to me at the time, but my temporary job ended the last week of July, which gave my body hours of downtime when it wasn’t active, whereas it had been before.  I’d also slacked a little in my off-day activities; bike rides, yoga, walking to the library or grocery store.  Each of these things is little, but added together made a significant difference.

I guess I’m glad I learned this lesson, but like many lessons learned, I wish I could have seen the light much earlier.

* parentheses within parentheses. It’s like math class!

Visibly smaller?

26 08 2010

I started this post almost two weeks ago and planned to include a couple pics I’d taken in the mirror.  I was wearing the same clothes I was in the dead lift video and was convinced I looked smaller! Maybe I did.  I’ve trashed those pics, though. (they were also really, really poor quality)  It was a rough week and I was feeling really beat down and convinced myself it was all in my head.

I do a really good job of crazy making in my head, over analyzing EVERYTHING.

Training for…

10 08 2010

the Warrior Dash! It is so much fun working out with a goal besides just weight loss.  This has to be the funnest race I’ve ever hear of – at the end, they hand you a beer and warrior helmet! There’s also obstacles like crawling through mud and jumping over fire.  Here’s the link to see the Northwest course.  A couple friends have asked about just coming to watch – yes, you can! Scroll to the bottom of the pages for details.

Over Seasoned

7 08 2010

I’m eating some variant of chicken and rice every day, sometimes twice a day.  It gets a little boring.  I watched a few minutes of some farmer-man cooking show the other day, he made everything on a grill.  He made chicken and zucchini, seasoned with s&p, garlic, rosemary and red chili flakes.  It seemed easy enough, and a slightly different flavor than I was use to.  Because I eat sooooo much chicken, I really wanted this to be different and went WAY overboard with the seasonings. too much seasoning!Can you tell how much is on there? oops.  Went back to my old favorite, lemon pepper for the meals I made today, and made some more risotto (risotto feels like an indulgence, but it’s really not.  I can even add parmesan and it still fits in my meal plan!)

Any suggestions for food? or seasoning of chicken or turkey?  I want to try pork, but have absolutely no experience.  Same with fish.  Right now is the time to try it, but I can’t afford the possibility of wasting food! Damn unemployment.  Hours of free time, but no money to do anything! (I also want to craft, make a stockpile of gifts for friends and family, and take a few roadtrips).