Is this a meal?

28 06 2011

Does fried eggs over salad greens with a side of cucumber count as a meal? I think my Paleo friends would say so. It was surprisingly good! I’ve been eating lots and lots of veggies lately. I kind of love it…. Similar to how I kind of love running. I know it’s really good for me and most of the time I enjoy it and it makes me feel good. But sometimes I absolutely abhor the act and and even idea of doing it. I didn’t notice feeling better physically right away, but now when I have processed, fried or sugary foods my body revolts. Like need to lie down, painful cramps/gas, think I might have stomach flu kind of awful. Then I eat a meal like the one pictured below and, voila! All is better. Amazing. Can I also say that when your, ahem, ‘plumbing’ is in working order, everything seems to feel better physically? Some of the uber healthy types say a bowel movement after every meal is ideal.

Yay for veggies! Multiple times a day!