Personal Produce Challenge (PPC)

22 05 2011

I was super frustrated to not participate in the C25K challenge because I’d signed up for a partner through another blog and we were suppose to be emailing each other supportive things all week. Although I could encourage her, it felt lame to not be participating. I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and realized that even though I couldn’t participate just yet, I still have complete control over what goes into my body. This realization came as I was walking into Costco so… that was dangerous.

I’d gotten into the habit of buying bags of snap peas and cherry tomatoes at Costco each week or so and keeping containers of them with me all the time to snack on. It was pretty easy to do, and I was all excited by the produce explosion that happens in the spring. I bought grapes, tomatoes, strawberries, snap peas, and spinach (all in Costco-sized containers) with the intent to eat it all before it went bad. I didn’t completely succeed (should have eaten the strawberries all at the beginning, I forgot how quickly they go bad) but I ate everything else! It was fun to plan every meal and include fruit salad or veggies. I haven’t re-bought the same amount of produce, but I’m still making an effort to get in several servings each day. It doesn’t always happen, but I can feel a difference when I do and I like it.

This probably doesn’t sound like that big of a deal so some, but as a person who would regularly buy produce just to have it go bad and then not buy much for a long time, fearing it would go bad before I ate it, this is a big change.


Disguised Blessing?

22 05 2011

Here is post #3, (only a few weeks old) of posts that have been sitting in draft form and I never finished for various reasons, but still feel they are important to share.

I was suppose to start a Couch to 5K program this week (C25K) but the day I planned to go for my first run, I fell off ONE stair and seriously twisted my foot. It was right at the beginning of a packed work day, so I hobbled around and elevated it as I could (which it wasn’t really convenient) and didn’t get ice on it until 9 or so hours later. I’m 100% sure this is related to the super intense pain when I actually did elevate and ice. I couldn’t put weight on it AT ALL and even found myself crawling around my apartment because even hopping caused so much jostling to the injured foot it hurt. I was a little worried those first 24 hours, but it got a lot better within a week.

This small injury did provide me with some self reflection, however. As I was planning each move, doing as many tasks as efficiently as possible, I realized how many things I procrastinate thinking I’ll come back to it later. Like the sweater hanging from my shower rod (to eliminate wrinkles) had been there a couple days… to bigger things, such as writing on this blog. I really wanted this blog to be a chronicle of my life, of which a large part is my weightloss/healthiness journey. I don’t mean to reduce my entire being to my desire to lose weight, but as I struggle to figure out what kind of lifestyle changes are sustainable and make a positive difference, all the experiences in the rest of my life are related.

To my mom: go for it, comment away if you want. I was worried before about being “outed” or discovered on the internet because I wasn’t ready to share information about being overweight with the world. I’ve realized now that this is just a part of who I am, and something I am ok with people knowing. It’s not exactly a surprise if you’ve met me in person, and I would rather have the support than hide behind a totally anonymous blog.

I did it!

22 05 2011

Here is post #2 of posts that have been sitting in draft form and I never finished for various reasons, but still feel they are important to share.

I went to happy hour/dinner with some friends and made good food choices!

I had a grilled chicken sandwich, substituted side salad for fries, got the vinaigrette dressing AND took home half of the sandwich for later! I did have two glasses of wine, but we where there for 2.5 hours and I also had at least a quart of water. (oh, and 4 tots from my friends’ plate. More than nothing, yes, but way less than ordering them myself. Or eating all of hers, feigning ignorance for my poor etiquette.)

I realize these aren’t the most perfect choices in all the world, but they were just right for me. I continue to struggle with making good choices and not going overboard one way or the other. In the past, I would have gotten a dressing-free salad and had water, been pissed all night as I watched my friends enjoy much more delicious things, gotten myself into a downward spiral of hate-thoughts, and stopped at McD’s or something equally gross on the way home as a way to “execute my control over what I put in my body” when really, it’s waaay worse than anything I might have wanted at the restaurant. Or swap the binge, and had a cheeseburger, fries and 2 or more high calorie beers then been pissed at myself and thrown up or just said hateful things to myself all night/the next day/several days after. I’ve never been very good at being in the middle.  Update: not sure why I was waiting on this one. I think I started to talk about some of the deeper issues and I wasn’t ready to write about them fully. Too bad, I’m going to do it now. No sense putting it off longer.

I am a Warrior!

22 05 2011

This post begins the posting of posts that have been sitting in draft form and I never finished for various reasons, but still feel they are important to share.

I completed the Warrior Dash! It is a 5k trail run with many obstacles including crawling under barbed wire, though mud (which gives the distinctive mud covered appearance of all Warriors), hurdling/flopping over logs in waist deep water, cargo nets, and more. I’d really like to include a couple pics, but facebook has made it hard to copy or link to photos (which is very annoying.)  If you are really curious, try these links but I have no idea if they will work:

very flattering, no? (If you don’t sense the sarcasm, know that I strongly dislike how I look in every pic from that day, despite how much fun it was.)

This race was harder than I anticipated. I’d been running a bit, but mostly on treadmills which is WAY different than trail running. Add in the obstacles, and I discovered I wasn’t in as great of shape as I thought. It was odd to feel strong an yet out of shape at the same time. This was right after my bootcamp experiences where I was deadlifting my weight and flipping tires on a regular basis. It takes a crap load of effort to move this body in a way most bodies this size don’t move.