I am a Warrior!

22 05 2011

This post begins the posting of posts that have been sitting in draft form and I never finished for various reasons, but still feel they are important to share.

I completed the Warrior Dash! It is a 5k trail run with many obstacles including crawling under barbed wire, though mud (which gives the distinctive mud covered appearance of all Warriors), hurdling/flopping over logs in waist deep water, cargo nets, and more. I’d really like to include a couple pics, but facebook has made it hard to copy or link to photos (which is very annoying.)  If you are really curious, try these links but I have no idea if they will work:

very flattering, no? (If you don’t sense the sarcasm, know that I strongly dislike how I look in every pic from that day, despite how much fun it was.)

This race was harder than I anticipated. I’d been running a bit, but mostly on treadmills which is WAY different than trail running. Add in the obstacles, and I discovered I wasn’t in as great of shape as I thought. It was odd to feel strong an yet out of shape at the same time. This was right after my bootcamp experiences where I was deadlifting my weight and flipping tires on a regular basis. It takes a crap load of effort to move this body in a way most bodies this size don’t move.



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