It’s me!

Some stats and facts:
– female
– 30
– live in the Pacific Northwest
– I’ve had body image problems as long as I can remember (first concrete memory age 7)
– I’ve been actually fat most of my adult life (looking at pictures from childhood and teen years, I wasn’t nearly as big as I felt. Now I actually am that big)
– fav color is purple
– I have a weakness for cheesy pop (hello One Direction!)
– I adore reading
– my professional life is in mental health
– I prefer Scotch or red wine to any other alcohol (I’m also writing this in November which may have something to do with that)
– I consider my self musical
– I consider myself creative, in general

* this list is a living document, added to or deleted from as I see fit

A quote from my first blog post:
“Holy COW there are a lot of parentheseed (prob not a real word) words here… sorry if that annoys you, it will probably work itself out as I get more comfortable, get some thoughts straightened out, and generally get busy enough that I’m only posting brief updates. Or not. I really don’t know just yet! (update: it will not work itself out. I’ve decided to embrace my random stream of consciousness, and at the same time, came up with a blog name!)”


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