Wanna “support” me?

13 08 2011

I’m laughing so hard at myself right now. Seriously, I’m a dork.
If you love me (the two people who read this do!) you can LITERALLY support me by getting one of these for me! (psst – my birthday is in 6 weeks)

I’m also looking to upgrade the rest of my workout wardrobe from faded, cheap when I got them years ago, pants and Old Navy t-shirts. It would be nice if a pair of pants had enough structure/support to stay up without the waistband being so tight it makes an extra roll around my middle. Really, that’s what I wear. They suck. It’s hard to find good athletic clothes in my size, and the ones I do find are pricy!


Back on the workout wagon

13 08 2011

I’m back in the gym! I finally admitted to myself that I was doing a terrible job finding “alternative” workouts outside the gym. Yes, I ran for a bit (Couch to 5k program. It was ok, but since it was just cardio, my weight stayed the same and I gained 4% body fat in 2 months). There were also months of 3x weekly yoga plus some sporadic Zumba. But nothing feels like being in the gym.
It’s only been a week, but I’ve gone three times and completed a strength routine and 20 mins of cardio each day. Lifting weights is always when I’ve felt best, I wish it didn’t take so long to remember that! I’m following the guide in this book and social networking with people here.  I was pretty sore after the first couple days, but then remembered tricks like eating a banana post workout (potassium) and taking BCAAs (help muscles recover and reduce soreness). And of course, lots of water. I’m no where close to where I was last summer but I know I can get there again. Well, maybe not quite there, but strong, anyway! I don’t think I ever posted this video – I wanted to “deadlift more than I weighed” for some reason. The way Jeron had me working out made for quick strength gains. There was (mostly joking) talk of training to be a powerlifter. I still think that would be awesome.