Here we go again

7 02 2011

So…. it’s been 3.5 months this blog has been silent. I’ve got a couple drafts of posts from that time, but nothing super duper great (obviously, I didn’t even finish writing and post them!)

I’ve been trying to figure out what my magical “ok, now I’ll be serious” moment was/is going to be. Diagnosed with Type II diabetes? Can’t fit into a booth at a restaurant? I already feel squeezed in some chairs. Maybe I don’t get a magical change epiphany. Maybe I just have to do it for all the other reasons  – to feel better, be healthier, be happy and pleased with myself, show my body respect, the list goes on.

In the last three months I’ve slowly gotten away from what I was doing last summer. This makes sense, the way I was working out and thinking about food was not realistic with a full time job, but I let too much slide. I stopped planning my meals, I stopped moving at all outside of daily living requirements. I let myself make the same excuse over and over that I could eat or drink what I wanted because it’s not like the rest of the day/week/month was on any kind of track, anyway. Luckily, I’ve gained less than 5 pounds. This is a huge change for me – the past several years I’ve gained or lost 5-30 pounds over the course of several months. The fact that my weight has stayed within 10 pounds of where it was a year ago feels like a small victory. Maybe I’ve sorta figured out maintenance? Too bad the body I’m maintaining is not the body I want! But it does give me hope that I’ve learned some things and have been able to make some small changes. Now I’m ready to try for some bigger changes again.

I ordered this guy at the recommendation of this gal and am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. Of course, this is just one tool. I’ve tracked calories before, made my own grids and graphs in notebooks and am looking forward to having it done for me in an orderly fashion. I like that it includes daily exercise. It’s like a combination of many different tracking tools I’ve used and made up before! I’m giving myself license before it even gets here to not fill in every box, to leave days blank, to not be hard on myself and just use it for what it can do for me, not how perfectly I can make each day add up to 1500 calories or whatever… I’m starting a new topic which should be it’s own post… and one that will be hard to write. Even harder for my family to read. So, look forward to that I guess?

But the good news: here we go again! with a positive attitude!



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6 03 2011

Rock On!!!!

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