Texting Revelations

14 09 2010

*If I figure out how, I just might have to send these thoughts right from my phone

What follows are excerpts from text and instant message conversations I had today on my phone.  They are not super profound, but are a decent representation  of my thoughts today. I’ve been thinking A LOT the last few days, and once I can make sentences from those thoughts, I will share as well.

ps – ran a race this week! that will be another post


me @ 3:51pm: My legs are more sore than yesterday.  Guess my body really isn’t acclimated to running.  I half hate it and half want to try harder to become ‘a runner”

friends’ reply: I admire your drive.  might as well keep moving with the momentum.

me: I’ve been thinking a lot about this body business the last couple days… but it’s mostly just thoughts, no conclusions yet.  Support really helps! thanks!

-This is from one of my amazing friends who showed up to cheer me on at the Warrior Dash this weekend.  I didn’t expect so much support from friends (expected more from family) but they have been amazing!


Sister @12:43 pm: How’s the weight/workout stuff coming?

Me: Ugh. It’s not easy.  If it were 10 lbs or even 20…  But knowing I’m going to have to work at it every single day for a year or more… It’s overwhelming sometimes.

Sister: ya for sure.  That’s good your sticking with it though!

Me: well, I keep thinking I could spend several more years frustrated and unhappy, or spend a year or two making a change.  Seems like less of a time commitment then!

Sister: Exactly! And that way it will stick too

Me: Exactly.  And no quick fixes ever stick, so this slow and steady is the way to go

Sister: I completely agree! (insert fancy thumbs up sign I don’t know how to make)



One response

16 09 2010

Don’t know much about the Warrior Dash but your effort is certainly worth it. Slow and steady wins the race- in this and most endeavors.
BTW- Congrats on the job!

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