Well, that’s a fun surprise!

1 09 2010

I ran 3 miles in 48 minutes today!!!!! That’s a 16-minute mile (not exactly fast) which is pretty darn good, I feel.  That 48 minutes includes a 5 minute warm up, so I guess it was actually at little faster. This is better than I expected, even though I’ve been working out so much.  Better, I think, because it didn’t seem that hard.  I’m pretty confident I can cut a couple minutes off that time if I’m more conscious of it the whole run.  I’ll let you know!

I say “run” but it was run-walk the whole time.  1 minute back and forth, 2 minutes back and forth, whatever felt right.  When I tried to make myself a runner a couple years ago (which lasted about 4 months) I don’t think I broke a 15 minute mile.  And I was at least 15 pounds less then, and it started out as WAY more walking… like 21-minute mile.

I think, for my size, this is quite amazing.  Imagine how much more effort it is to move this body that far.

In other “well, that’s a fun surprise!” news, I can button an old pair of pants! Can’t quite wear them yet (still tight) but I was pleasantly surprised that they buttoned so easily.



One response

16 09 2010

16 minute miles are a great start. Not many runners go under 10-12 minutes/mile, do they?

I walked 4 miles in 4 hours–Golf!

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