Taco Salad

29 08 2010

It seems like I’m eat SO DAMN MUCH.

I eat every 2-3 hours I’m awake, 6 meals a day. My plan (at the moment) is 4 meals, 25g protein/25g carbs, then more two meals 25g protein.  Unlimited green veggies.  Since the plan is pretty simple, I’ve been able to fit in some meals that night not seem like they should – behold, taco salad!!!!!!

taco salad

it's huge!

I browned 1.25 lbs of turkey with a packet of taco seasoning, mixed in some refried beans, and had the nutirional base of my salad! (yes, I could use black beans, probably healthier, but geez, I’m eating non-processed, whole foods all day long! It’s nice to have a little fat free beans mixed in)

There is 2-3 cups romain lettuce, meat and beans, some shredded cheese, fat free sour cream and salsa in this salad.  Delicious! Maybe slightly more fat than desired, but considering my meals the rest of the day, this is just fine! (I’m also learning  that fat bad. It’s hard.) (Also splurged and got a salad spinner! I must be getting older if such a simple device brings such joy… but it’s WAY cheaper to buy  real lettuce (especially 6 heads of romain at costco for $2.99) instead of the bagged stuff.) (It’s been fun in my kitchen this week.)

This is one of the few meals that I use my dinner-size plates for.  (there are plenty of American dinner-size vs. salad-size plate discussions if you care to google them)  I made enough for 6 meals, and each one seems so big! My body and stomach have become accustomed to eating smaller meals, so this is a lot to shove in.  Luckily, shoving in lots of lettuce is a different feeling than shoving in a burger and fries.



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