Over Seasoned

7 08 2010

I’m eating some variant of chicken and rice every day, sometimes twice a day.  It gets a little boring.  I watched a few minutes of some farmer-man cooking show the other day, he made everything on a grill.  He made chicken and zucchini, seasoned with s&p, garlic, rosemary and red chili flakes.  It seemed easy enough, and a slightly different flavor than I was use to.  Because I eat sooooo much chicken, I really wanted this to be different and went WAY overboard with the seasonings. too much seasoning!Can you tell how much is on there? oops.  Went back to my old favorite, lemon pepper for the meals I made today, and made some more risotto (risotto feels like an indulgence, but it’s really not.  I can even add parmesan and it still fits in my meal plan!)

Any suggestions for food? or seasoning of chicken or turkey?  I want to try pork, but have absolutely no experience.  Same with fish.  Right now is the time to try it, but I can’t afford the possibility of wasting food! Damn unemployment.  Hours of free time, but no money to do anything! (I also want to craft, make a stockpile of gifts for friends and family, and take a few roadtrips).



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28 08 2010

I think trader joes sells pre-seasoned fish. I don’t know how good it is or if it’s really expensive since I never eat fish…it may be worth a try. Oh yeah, tj also has chicken sausage that’s pretty good.

19 09 2010

Thanks P. I got some of each. The chicken sausage is great! If the fish was seasoned, I couldn’t tell. Maybe the kale and lemon is too subtle of a flavor?

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