More losses!

28 07 2010

I’m down 2.7% body fat (in the past 6ish weeks) which is 6 pounds of fat; I’ve also gained 6 pounds of muscle, which is crazy.

I’m also down 6 inches (2 in my butt/hips alone!) It would be 6.5, but my forearms have gained.  It’s interesting how much they’ve changed shape in just 6 weeks.

My conditioning is soooo much better.  I ran on the treadmill last night, as was able to go 3 minutes straight, compared to barely 2 minutes a month ago and probably only a minute a couple months ago.  I was also able to run faster and breathe properly the whole time, which makes it feel easier. And didn’t feel like I was gonna die, which is nice.

The video below is me, last week, doing some bad ass dead lifts.  I never knew I could lift so much!

This next video isn’t me, but it’s almost the same circuit I did on Monday (4x).  When I’m not lifting tons of weight, I’m jumping around and throwing heavy things! (I ran with the drag sled today, pulling 135 lbs. followed with a sprint.  Because my trainer is trying to make me puke.  As long as my butt keeps getting smaller, that’s ok with me!) The tire thing is harder than it looks.  You’ve got to stop the force+gravity on the way down, and lift/push it back up. The first time I did this, I wanted to cry, but didn’t have time between reps nor the energy to waste on crying! “Burpee’s” are the jump+push up move.  They’re horrible because all of your major muscle groups are involved.  That medicine ball weighs 12 lbs and has handle cutouts that make it impossible to bounce straight.



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