Finding a routine

22 07 2010

These last several weeks have been interesting, what with being unemployed, then employed (but only part time) and changing up my life to include focus on diet and exercise. It’s been all to easy to come home from work at noon and take a nap. Or take a nap any time of day, really. After a work out. After running errands. Although I work every day, my job is easy and it’s short. So I’ve got hours of free time. Some of my naps have verged on just plain “sleeping” (I don’t think they count as a nap after 2 hours). It’s very easy to shrug off tasks/chores when you know you will have plenty of time to do it tomorrow, too.  And the next day. And probably next week. Then one day when the sink is full of three days worth of dishes, you wonder what the hell you’ve been doing with all that free time (answer: sleeping.  or watching tv. or reading.)  I’ve known for several years that the busier I am, the more productive I tend to be.  If I’ve got 5 hours to make a meal and wash the dishes, it probably won’t get done.  When I have small amounts of time between work and other activities, it’s much easier to make myself do things because I know I won’t have time later. Or tomorrow. Or next week.

Today was different (yay!).  After work I came home and cooked, even though I didn’t feel like it.  Cooked enough for a few days, actually.  Then got some chores done, even got my DEQ/DMV business done (which has a double bonus of not being put off until I get a ticket for expired tabs like last time).  I realized after these tasks that although I have a routine, it’s only halfway meeting my needs.  I’m getting the bare minimum done in my life, and it’s not satisfying me.  I know I’m being lazy.  So today, when moving from task to task, getting things done… I found myself humming.  And I realized I was happy.

Although having a routine is not always easy, it’s easier than establishing one.  Or trying to operate without one.  That really wasn’t working for me.  I guess this is part of what ‘being an adult’ is.



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