“Work it out”

20 07 2010

Sometimes when I’m working out, or thinking about working out, I sing (to myself) “work it out, work it out”  ad infinitum to the tune of this ridiculous song. Try as I might, I can’t get it out of my head!

I’ve been working HARD! A couple weeks ago, I leg pressed 605 pounds.  Yes, you read that right.  Six hundred and five pounds. Then last week I pushed a car.  Yeah, pushed.  Across a parking lot.  I should’ve measured how far… 150 yards maybe? 200? The thing with pushing a car is… it doesn’t get easy.  You’d think once you get it rolling it’s easier, but it’s not.  Then on Monday I benched 105 pounds.  That’s more than I ever even thought about putting on a bar! I think in the past, I’ve stopped trying more weight around 70# or so, because that just seemed like a lot.  But I’m strong!

It feels really good to be working out like this.  I still spend some time on the treadmill or elliptical, but most of the stuff I do is big time, heavy duty, can’t-believe-I’m-doing-it stuff.  Oh yeah – I flipped a 200 # tire fairly easily.  On the first try.  Who knew?

Even though the weight isn’t dripping off, I feel strong and that feels good.  I walk a little taller, being the muscle woman that I am.  And it’s possible that my hourglass shape is peeking out a little. (real or not? hard to tell if the reflection in the mirror is due to a different perception of myself.)



3 responses

22 07 2010

i know i told you this already but i am super super impressed with what you can lift!! getting to a point to do that is NOT easy, so i am very proud of you for that 🙂 goooood job!!

22 07 2010

I watched the video and just knew that what you did would blow my back out. I’m impressed that you are working this hard AND trying to carry the discipline through the day.

1 08 2010

It’s pretty cool to hear that your perception of yourself is changing. It really shows the power of the mind as you are walking a little taller and seeing your hour glass figure peeking out a bit. It also points out the importance of taking care of ourselves and how that can create such a big change for the better inside AND out. Go strong muscle lady!!!

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