24 06 2010

In my current quest, the idea of a super low calorie or restrictive diet hasn’t entered my mind. I’ve tried diets of (almost) eliminating fat, (almost) eliminating carbs, high protein, meal-replacement shakes, none really worked. At least not long term.  They aren’t meant to! And anytime I’ve tried drastically cutting back on anything, I just end up craving it more and ultimately self sabotaging.  I’ve done it so many times, in fact, that I’m pretty sure my metabolism is effed.  (some recent studies say this doesn’t actually happen, but there are lots that say it does.)

A good friend of mine wrote a meal plan for me several months ago, which I actually followed (well, like 70% of the time) for the first couple weeks.  Even more challenging, he gave to me on December 21st (now 70% seems pretty good, right?).  That’s right, I made it through the holidays and LOST a couple pounds. But…. then I stopped following it.  Eating 5-6 times a day is not easy when working.  It was apparently too much effort to plan all the meals for the day and have them be something that may not require refrigeration. So I kept the plan in mind, but hardly (20-50%)  followed it ever since then.

Evidenced by my 5 pound loss (I’m still proud, despite the size), I AM eating better.  I’ve been reading a lot, met with the nautropath a couple times, and been talking to friends about food in the past few months. My current diet starts with all natural yogurt (have I got a good story about that! maybe some other time…) and a sliced banana, a handful of kashi mixed in for breakfast.  (Use to have soy milk with the cereal until I did some (research, research, research and  research among others) and…. no more soy for me.  Or a lot less, anyway). Then I have 2-3 more meals that vary, but tend to be a pre-cooked dish like ground turkey and brown rice or quinoa.  Or chicken and wheat pasta.  When I pre-make the meals, I try to follow the 25 grams protein/25 grams carbs suggested by my friend above in the diet from December. Or I’ll have a turkey sandwich made with this coolness.  Or eggs/egg whites and black beans.  Often for the last meal/snack of the day is a salad*.  In my research, I couldn’t ignore all the evidence supporting lots of green vegetables.  And eating it as the last meal, it’s not full of calories, so it doesn’t sit in my stomach late at night when I don’t need the energy. Win win!

All this said, I clearly don’t eat just this, or I’d be losing more.  I’m not immune to dinners out with friends, a glass of wine (or 3), food served to a group (chips and salsa, brownies, pizza, etc.). Also, as my energy level is low (with the whole unemployed business) I’m not hungry all that much.  So when I am, I feel like I can gorge a bit since I’ve eaten so little the rest of the day.  It doesn’t really work that way, but tell that to my hand holding the fork full of tamale on the way to my mouth.

*(salad for me = 2+ cups of raw lettuce, possibly a sprinkle of feta (< 1T) a little dressing (spices, vinegar and 1-2 T olive oil) maybe some leftover cut up veggies from a recipe like peppers or tomatoes and my favorite part (because it adds the desired crunch w/o calories and carbs of croutons) (and I got a big ol’ jar at costco for like, 3 bucks)



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