Overcoming My Sedentary Life Fantasy

21 06 2010

Move more.  Sounds simple, but it’s not.  Not in today’s culture of working 8ish hours a day, sitting in a car another hour (at least) and another hour (or way more) of watching tv, internet-ing, etc. The industrial revolution in the past 150 or so years has drastically changed our lifestyles to be more sedentary.  Prior to this, lots, LOTS of people were farming daily.  Even if you didn’t have a farm, you used lots more energy preparing food, washing clothes, walking to the market, all the tasks we take for granted as being easy and quick.  Our bodies were made for physical work and we don’t do much of it anymore.  It’s no wonder that given modern conveniences and the food industrialization, creating cheap and crappy food that appeals to mass markets,  has driven the national BMI catastrophically high.  People have found many ways to overcome this, a popular one is adding “workouts” to our daily lives that somewhat make up the physical activity our bodies aren’t getting while we sit in our offices.  This works pretty well, once you figure out how to schedule it in.  And provided you are burning enough calories in those hours. Another idea (which I’ve always found interesting) is treadmill desks.  Walking, slowly, for several hours instead of sitting.  Genius! It also appeals to me because you’re getting exercise while completing other tasks and you don’t have to find more time in your day to get it done.

Walking is easy.  It’s low impact, doesn’t make you overly sweaty in case you have a meeting or social event afterwards, and can be done anywhere.  You don’t even really need special shoes or clothes. In the past week (as I’ve been unemployed and find myself with hours of free time) I’ve been walking a lot.  I like it! I’m lucky, I can take 2 hours to walk to and from the pharmacy to get a prescription refill instead of 15 minutes driving.  This is not the case when I’m working 40+ hours each week. I’ve been fantasizing about how I can continue this when I’m working again, using up prime daylight hours in an office.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I want a treadmill.  This is not a new idea, nor is it feasible (given the no-job-equals-no-money situation).  It’s a FANTASY. But not a new one – I’ve often thought a treadmill in front of the TV was a good idea.  I babysit for a family who has a fancy treadmill in the garage – it’s got a tv screen right on it! I walked/ran for an hour, barely realizing the passage of time while the babies napped.  It was great.  And although I’ve been walking a lot the past several days, I’ve also been sent back inside due to weather. (Don’t get me wrong, a little rain is fine, but when I can’t walk without my shoes becoming a soggy mess, then it just sucks.) So my fantasy persists.

I realize, as fantasies go, that this is probably better in theory than realization.  Chances are, I’d get the thing and use it for a week or few months if I was lucky, and then it would just gather dust.  But I’ll never know if that’s true… so my fantasy remains unchanged. ha!



3 responses

12 07 2010

What if you made your entire home a giant treadmill? You would have to walk like 5 miles to serve yourself seconds and a couple miles just to use the restroom!

20 07 2010

P, this is genius.
I’d be even parts pissed off and happy that I had to work so hard to do everyday tasks. And chances are, I’d skip the seconds if I had to walk so far!

20 07 2010

Ha ha! It’s a win win situation!

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