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8 06 2010

Found out last week that I’m about to be fired/let go from my job.
Thought I was dealing with it pretty well, but realized yesterday that I’ve slept more then I’ve been awake in the last 4 days. So that’s not so good. Not sure what my feelings are, but am sure that being fired from a job ranks in the top five of things that make losing weight difficult.  My activity level leaves something to be desired right now, clearly.

Today was ok, even taking into account that I should be consuming 1/4 less calories.  But I’m sure there are other things not being taken into consideration.

Today, I went to the gym for a yoga class. Well, tried to. There weren’t any parking spots.  In the past, I’ve remedied this by riding my bike to the gym on busy days/times, but today I didn’t have a choice.   Instead, I came home and did a yoga dvd instead.  Probably better than nothing, but when it got hard, I stopped.  When I’m in a class, I rarely stop, because there are people who can see me giving up.  Not so in my living room.  But I’m feeling optimistic nonetheless, I could have chosen to do nothing.  So I’m marking today as “good” anyway.

Not the same as the last few days, but anyone deserves a few days of slack time when they loose a job, right?

Right? (or am I making excuses….)



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17 06 2010

I don’t think you’re making excuses. Sometimes we need to hibernate and heal.

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