Spinach Souffle

7 06 2010

yummy, yummy spinach souffle! (boy, the pic is blurry. sorry.)

This is one of my favorite treats. It’s fairly easy to make (does take about 20 mins prep, but I’ve got is mastered) and offers some great nutrition. I’ve never eaten this in less than 4 servings, but one “serving” for me has 236 calories, 16 grams of fat, 12.5 grams of carbs, and 11 grams of protein. (the recipe is by Miss Betty Crocker).

Today I used soy milk which was a first. Cow’s milk makes my tummy unhappy, so I don’t keep it in the fridge. (Although a quart was only $1.39, I knew I would be wasting most of it and didn’t want to buy it.) I also used real butter, because experimenting with alternative ingredients should probably only be one one at a time. (Next up is margarine or some kind of reduced butter type product. That will cut WAY down on the fat content!)  The souffle turned out a bit… not together? When I tried to take a piece, it fell apart. It’s been a while since I’ve made this, but I seem to remember it ‘sticking together’ better, more like a piece of pie.  There are many factors, however that could cause this.  Soy milk the most likely, but also using a different oven and my kitchen was kinda warm while preparing.  Probably could’ve let it cool another minute before serving.  (Still tastes good, though!)

This pic is included because a) I thought there should be more pictures in the post besides the final product and most of the steps to making the souffle are not interesting, but b) I love how the spinach and flour/butter/milk mixture look in my mixing bowls! They were rescued from the goodwill pile when my grandma moved from her home into a small assisted living apartment. (so… no idea how old they are, prob circa 1970, but I just love the idea that my grandma used them for years to prepare food as well.)

Something I learned today was… one of the reasons I love this dish so much – the fat content! Of course, eggs and spinach I like plenty on their own, but it’s no secret that fat makes everything better. (well, fat and salt.)  And it’s ok in moderation.  Luckily, my food intake earlier in the day was picture perfect, so a little extra fat here is ok.  I certainly don’t eat this everyday! It’s more satisfying than fast food (because yours truly made it and the eggs and spinach are GREAT for me) and I’m sure that the 16 grams of fat here are less than a small order of fries. So there!



One response

8 06 2010

It looks really great. It’s so healthy and sounds really yummy. Thanks for sharing.

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