Workout sin

6 06 2010

I commited a major workout no-no today.

My shoe came untied while I was running on the treadmill.  I know you aren’t suppose to drop your  head below your heart when your heart rate is high, because you can faint (I think).  So in a millisecond, I had to decide which was worse: the probability of fainting, or the probability of my shoelace getting stuck and falling, most likely hurting myself. What would YOU do?

I jumped to the side rails (is that what they’re called?) and bent down to tie it.  I didn’t faint! but it HURT. A LOT. Not sure what happened physiologically, but it felt like blood rushed to the top of my lungs and overfilled the space right below my collar bone.  And it stayed there. It made it hard to take a full breath, which is kind necessary when you’re running.  I slowed down to a walk and it took more than a couple minutes to feel ok again.

So – moral of the story – there’s more than one reason to keep your head above your heart when exercising! and double knot your shoelaces!



One response

7 06 2010

Yay, you went to the gym yesterday!

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